During the Vietnam War, the United States Department of Defense faced a persistent issue—malfunctioning helicopter rotor blades.

Upon investigation, they found out that the culprit was shrapnel, trees, and loose gravel which was causing a lot of damage.

And so, the military tasked 3M—a company that applies science and innovation to create life-changing innovations—with finding a long-term solution. As a result, 3M developed the Paint Protection Film (PPF), which proved to be the solution due to its lightweight and strength.

Now, with PPF, we can have an upgraded protection film on our vehicles and enjoy these three main benefits. 

3 Reasons to Get Paint Protection Film

1. Protection Against Physical Damage

As your car or boat comes into contact with debris, stones, insects, or other unintentional objects during normal operation, it is prone to physical damage like scratches, abrasions and chippings.

However, you can protect your vehicle from these damages by having professionals like Vinyl Labs install a protective barrier—PPF.

PPF absorbs the impact of debris, stones, and gravel thus preventing them from causing any damage on your car’s surface.

 Moreover, you can customize the PPF to suit your preferences. Nevertheless, keep the factors listed in the table below in mind.

Customization OptionFactors to Consider
ThicknessA thicker PPF is more noticeable but will offer increased durability and protection while a thinner one provides a more seamless appearance.
FinishPPF finish can either be glossy, matte or satin. A glossy finish is highly reflective, matte is least reflective, while satin offers a balance between the two and also shows the colour of the car underneath.
Coverage AreaDecide whether you want full coverage or partial coverage for specific areas prone to damage.
Design ChoicesConsider adding custom designs like logos or personal messages to personalize your PPF.
BudgetTake into account the cost of the PPF and installation when considering your budget. Some options may be more expensive than others.

2. Provides UV Protection and Simplifies Maintenance

A Paint Protection Film, which is typically 8-10 mils thick, helps to effectively protect your paint by blocking UV rays because it is thicker than a normal car paint job.

By protecting your paint, you also make maintenance easier because it requires less attention and care than unprotected vehicles.

Also, the PPF is easy to clean, and its non-porous surface helps prevent any grime, dust, or dirt from sticking strongly on the vehicle’s surface. Therefore, by applying PPF, it helps maintain your vehicle’s glossy vibrant look.

3. Preserving the Resale Value

PPF not only keeps your car’s exterior looking pristine and almost new, but it also protects the interior.

Additionally, it ensures that you have a higher resale value by:

  • Protecting your vehicle against damage such as stone chips, scratches, insect stains, and environmental contaminants. By protecting your car from damage, it makes your car look well maintained which is one of the qualities potential buyers look for.
  • Preventing discoloration and fading when protecting the car’s paint by blocking UV rays. 
  • Instilling confidence in the potential buyer’s mind. A well-maintained car on the exterior most of the time means that the owner has maintained the car’s interior as well.

Remember, having a financial advantage on a rapidly depreciating asset is a high-return investment.

Get Premium Paint Protection Film in Canada

You need to let experts in Paint Protection Film like Vinyl Labs do the installation.

Mainly because PPF installation requires a certain level of precision so as not to create any air bubbles during the installation. Air bubbles or installing the PPF on a vehicle not properly prepped, will compromise performance and cause more harm than good.

So, by entrusting us, you get to enjoy all the above benefits, especially peace of mind knowing that you can resell your vehicle at a proper resale value.

Moreover, at Vinyl Labs, we are a team of experts with years of PPF application, so we understand the proper techniques and materials for a smooth and flawless finish.

By relying on us, you will get PPF that lasts longer, maintains your car’s aesthetics, and enhances its resale value while making maintenance easy.

Get in touch with us today and let us provide you with long-lasting protection and satisfaction.