Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, that brings more eyeballs to your brand thus giving you a chance to stand out.

In fact, 71% of customers frequently read the information displayed in OOH advertisements. Then, 46% of these customers turn to Google to learn more about a brand or item. 

Therefore vehicle wraps are ideal for making a long-lasting impression on your target audience.

But to stand out from the crowd, here are three tips you can leverage.



1. Tell a Story and Add Humour

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, hold it and convert them into long-term clients, design a vehicle wrap that tells your story with a sprinkle of humour.

A humorous vehicle wrap design has this uncanny ability to stick to our brains for a long time. It is like an earworm that keeps you chuckling for days, making you just want to watch it over and over again.

Case in point: Ryan Reynolds, who has become a marketing genius for weaving in Deadpool-level humour in his ads. This has seen him make a fifth-tier Welsh football team into a brand that people are talking about nowadays.

Therefore to make your vehicle wrap design memorable and fun to read, always keep the story short and sweet. 

Remember this is more of an ad, so it must capture the reader’s attention within seconds. 

Also, consider that your vehicle will not always be stuck in traffic or parked somewhere, giving your potential client more time to read it. Sometimes your vehicle will be cruising away, and you will only have a mili-second to catch the reader’s attention.

So, use clever puns, wordplay, visual gags, smileys or Gifs to catch people’s attention and make them smile and create a memorable association with your brand.

2. Be Different, Be Bold

In a world where conformity is prevalent, it’s crucial to be different.

Being different requires you to be bold. 

And being bold requires you to fearlessly express your brand’s personality through a captivating vehicle wrap design.

After all, this is one ad that many people will get to see.

So use this chance to stand out from your competitors by using the tips shown in the table below.

TipWhat to do
ExperimentTry unique and eye-catching designs by exploring bold colour combinations, unconventional patterns, and innovative graphics.
Incorporate interactive elements

Engage your audience by adding interactive elements such as QR codes, augmented reality features, or interactive games to your vehicle wrap. 

This creates a memorable and engaging experience for potential customers.

Get creative with your typographyUse custom typography and innovative lettering styles as you play with sizes, orientations, and placements to make a lasting impression.

Additionally, it is easier if you work with a professional vehicle wrap installer like Vinyl Labs, but keep the following in mind:

  1. While incorporating elements they should be relevant to your brand. For instance, if you are selling a coaching product for mindful eating, use visuals of fresh and colourful fruits, and vegetables to convey your message.
  2. Use an interactive element that is easy to use. The QR codes, augmented reality features, or interactive games you use should be easy to navigate. Why? A hard-to-use interactive element may discourage the user from using it.
  3. Use a font that is visible and appropriate for your brand. Choose a bold, elegant, professional or playful font that aligns with your brand’s overall visual identity.

3. Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Well-Maintained

To ensure that you always make a good impression on anyone who reads your vehicle wrap, make sure it is always clean.

You can do this by:

  • Establishing a routine to wash your car regularly
  • Using a mild soap or designated vinyl wrap cleaner. It helps you avoid damaging the vehicle wrap.
  • Using a soft sponge or cloth to clean and dry the surface to avoid scratching the vehicle wrap.
  • Addressing any damage on the vehicle wrap immediately to prevent further deterioration.

Use a Professional Vehicle Wrap Installer

For your vehicle wrap ad to stand out, you need to have it installed by professionals.

At Vinyl Labs, we understand the need for using bold colours and creating an ad that tells your brand story while incorporating a few clever puns and jokes.

We also understand how to install different vehicle wrapping.

And we have the expertise to install vehicle wraps to achieve a clean pristine look by eliminating air bubbles, creases, and uneven edges.

Call or email us now to get started on designing attention-grabbing vehicle wraps, that leave the reader amused and interested in your brand.