5 Reasons Custom Signs Work for Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter if your business is old or new, a custom business sign can help grow your business. Custom signage has the ability to send a message to your local clientele about your business’s unique personality and grab their attention. As the signs are designed to order, you can get as creative with them as you like.

Read on to understand how custom signs can help your business grow.

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1. Customers Can Find You Easily

A study by the Sign Research Foundation found that 54% of American consumers failed to locate a business because of poor or unclear signage. A clear sign shows customers exactly where your brick-and-mortar premises are located, which means they don’t get discouraged and go to your competitors. Think of the signs as guideposts for your customers. 

Since the signs are custom-made you can even go beyond the conventional square signage everyone is used to and create signs to lead customers to your business.

2. Custom Business Signage Speaks Volumes About Your Brand

The American Shopper Study found that nearly 86% of consumers believe that signage can “convey the personality or character of the business”. Custom signs are designed for your business. Use them to tell people what your business is all about. You can choose colours that evoke the emotions you want your customers to feel. For example, yellow can denote happiness and friendship while green can show your brand cares about the environment.

A high-quality sign can also give customers the feeling that they are in good hands. In fact, almost 36% of people surveyed in the American Shopper Study said they made assumptions about the quality of a business based on its signage. So, if your sign is unappealing, they may feel your brand is unappealing too. Conversely, a well-designed business sign can instill confidence.

3. Markets Your Business

The American Shopper Study found that a whopping 75% of consumers said the first thing they noticed about a new or unfamiliar business was its signage. A well-designed sign can create high recall value within passerbys’ minds. So, while they may not need your services immediately, you can be sure that it will be your business that comes to mind when they do.

The study by the Sign Research Foundation (quoted above) also found that 60% of businesses who added to, or updated, their signage reported at least a 10% increase in business. Making sure that your sign is well lit during the day and night can ensure it works for you and your business 24/7.

4. Custom Business Signs are Cost-Effective

Billboards and other forms of marketing require a constant input of funds to work as a strategy. On the other hand, a high-quality, custom business sign is a one-time investment and typically requires little to no maintenance for years after installation.

5. It is Custom Made

As the name suggests, custom business signs are custom-made for your business. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to shape, size, lettering, and colours. In fact, customers are more likely to remember a sign that isn’t a conventional shape – just make sure the lettering is distinct and clear.

At Vinyl Labs, we specialize in conceptualizing, printing, and installing custom signage for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a hoarding, site signage, banners, or a 3D sign to make your business stand out, our team would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.