Custom Floor Decals for Any Event

Are you looking to make a big impression at your next large-scale gathering?

Floral arrangements? Check. Video presentation? Check.

But what about the floor?

Party planners looking to turn heads are turning their attention downward. Custom floor decals are a unique way to up the “wow” factor. 

Durable and easy to remove, vinyl floor decorations make a big impression without blowing your event budget.

Custom Floor Decals for Any Event

Weddings and Anniversary Celebrations 

The dance floor at a wedding venue is a special place, yet most receptions leave this area empty. Make the most of it! Floor decals add to the ambiance and can go a long way in making that first dance even more memorable. Floor decals invite attention and add to the celebratory mood. 

When it comes to sizing, don’t be afraid to go big. A company like Vinyl Labs can create multiple decals for strategic placement around the venue. They can also apply a single eye-catching visual covering the entire dance floor. Vinyl peels up easily after the party without leaving any residue.

Start by thinking about the wedding colours and go from there. Imagine a wedding with the bride and groom’s monogrammed initials in the middle of the dance floor. How about a floral pattern to match the bride’s bouquet? You can dance on a cloud, a bed of rose petals, or anything else you want. Floor decals can visually transform the floor into any surface.


Add a Personal Touch to Any Party

Whether it’s your daughter’s sweet 16 or your husband’s 50th, some birthdays demand a bigger celebration. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out a banquet hall or the rec centre down the street; balloons and streamers can only go so far in dazzling the guests.

Post a giant shout-out to the birthday boy or girl directly onto the dance floor. Now that’s something special! 

Floor decals are an opportunity to create the ultimate birthday card. Instead of opening up an envelope, you physically walk around the message for a bit of fun.

Birthdays and bar/bat mitzvahs looking to add some extra flair to the festivities shouldn’t ignore the giant blank canvas underneath their feet.


Game On

Is the guest of honour a sports fan? Floor decals can turn any room into a hockey rink, football field, basketball court, or baseball diamond. Whatever the birthday girl or boy’s hobbies may be, there is an opportunity to feature it on a floor decal.

You can make your children’s birthday even more special by turning the floor into a giant gameboard for a round of human Checkers or Snakes & Ladders. With the right floor decals, the floor really can look like lava!


Something for Everyone

What type of mood are you trying to create? Romantic? Sentimental? Funny? What kind of vibe are you going for? Fun and playful or glitzy and glamorous?  

When it comes to floor decals, the creative possibilities are endless. You can incorporate photos, text, and graphics in all kinds of shapes, colours, and sizes. Your imagination is the only limit.  

Floor decals are an unexpected but imaginative way of adding more joy to an event.

Vinyl Labs in Langley creates bold, bright vinyl floor decals that capture attention. The staff can work their decorative magic on any flat, clean surface, from storefront windows to the sides of semi-trailer trucks. If you have some ideas in mind for an upcoming function, get in touch with Vinyl Labs today.