How Car Graphics Can Grow Your Brand

Today’s world is all about finding ways to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. 

It’s also about short attention spans as people are constantly inundated with different forms of media.  Logos and graphics can be eye-catching when designed well. Your graphic logo needs to stand out and intrigue people enough to take a second look at it while scrolling through the hundreds of Instagram ads. 

All this effort just for a 3-inch visual? Why not think bigger? Why not have your message shared loud and clear using car graphics?

Most people won’t drive past that without a long second glance!

red bull mini cooper vehicle car wraps by vinyl labs

What Can Vehicle Graphics Include

With a vast amount of space to advertise, a strong vehicle graphic can include various things:

  • Your company branding
  • Sale announcements and offers
  • Contact details – websites, phone numbers 
  • QR codes
  • Attention-grabbing pictures

Benefits of Car Graphics

There are several ways having graphics installed on your vehicles can help your brand’s marketing efforts:

  • Awareness

Eye-catching graphics on your fleet of vehicles let potential clients know your business exists and makes them want to know more about it. The use of vibrant colours and fonts can create a great and instant first impression.  It’s a passive form of advertising that can generate a large number of leads and sales.

  • Reminders

In today’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ world, it’s good to let people know you’re around. Car graphics remind existing customers of your presence, and the great experiences they’ve had working with you, and create an emotional connection.

  • Builds Trust

A strong marketing presence signifies that your business is doing well. In the age of the internet, tangible marketing features like car wraps demonstrate that your business has a physical presence, is legitimate, and can be trusted. 

  • Location Specific Marketing

Car graphics can be a part of a targeted marketing plan. Your vehicles showing up in the neighbourhood you operate in can be much more beneficial than just an online promoted ad campaign that people just scroll past. Potential customers will see your brand driving around enough and are bound to think of you when they need the kind of product or service that you offer.

What Types of Car Graphics Can You Use?

There are several different types of car graphics to choose from. Here are some popular ways of having graphics installed on your vehicle –

Sticker Graphics

Your logo, tagline or website elegantly stuck to the rear bumper or rear windshield can be quite useful. Sticker graphics are vinyl graphics that use adhesive to stick the sticker on literally any surface. Your employees may also want to use bumper stickers on their personal vehicles to show how proud they are of working for your business. 

Decal Kits

These kits allow the use of logos and graphics on your vehicles. Simple, easy to install, and extremely popular, decals have a neat and clean look to make a lasting impression. 

Vinyl Graphics

The most common way of putting your graphic on your vehicle. Vinyl Labs uses 3M certified technicians to install this vinyl on your car. Easy to install and remove, you can change and update them as frequently as you need to.

Wrap Graphics

For bigger vehicles like delivery vans and trucks, wrap graphics can be used to wrap the entire vehicle in a vinyl graphic literally! A large number of spaces lets you make a huge impression. You can also opt for a partial wrap to suit your tastes and budget.

Vinyl graphics come in all shapes and sizes – install them on your delivery scooters, your trucks, simple stickers for your car, or even an entire airplane covered in your brand (the sky is literally the limit here!)

Vehicle graphics are here to stay and Vinyl Labs can help you make the most out of them. We are here for you every step of the way – right from conceptualizing the design to installing them on your vehicles. Get in touch with us for a quote today.