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Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements – some are subtle like product placements on a T.V. show, others not quite so, like the digital billboards at Times Square. Add internet-based advertising to the mix and it feels like brands need a more impactful way to reach their audiences to get a worthwhile ROI on their advertising spends.

Impactful, doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Nor does it require avant-garde methods. Vehicle wraps are a tried and tested means to reaching out to your clientele. Read on to delve into some key facts about vehicle wrap advertising, its relevance in today’s internet-obsessed world, and its impressive potency as an advertising medium.

Fleet Graphic – An Untapped Resource

A 2022 survey of marketers by found that 42% of marketers used only digital marketing techniques, ignoring Out-Of-Home channels completely, thereby failing to take advantage of multi-channel advertising. Half of those who didn’t use OOH at all stated that a drawback was buying and managing inventory. This is where fleet graphics shine – they use existing assets as mobile OOH advertising mediums, negating the need to find advertising real estate in crowded urban areas or areas where traditional billboards are not allowed due to zoning regulations.

Local Advertising:

Fleet graphic is a great way to remind a local population that you are very much a part of their community and their everyday lives. As they offer a great deal of targeting flexibility, marketers can change wraps to include local events, promotions, and customize vehicle routes to target specific demographics. This strategy can be particularly effective for enterprise brands to create a connection with audiences in tier two and tier three areas where they may be perceived as faraway entities.

Drives Brand Recognition:

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Digital fatigue is real. It’s become easier to scroll past or completely ignore an advertisement while browsing social media. A study by found that 77% of consumers stated that they are paying more attention to their physical surroundings more than ever before. That’s good news for those involved in OOH marketing as people notice OOH advertisements more than ever.

Eyeballs, Brand Recall, and ROIs

One of the most appealing things about using vehicle wraps as advertisements is the eyeballs you can get. 3M reports that 64% of US travelers notice vehicle graphics which can lead to 30,000 impressions a day! That can lead to millions of views a year. Furthermore, found that 86% of consumers could recall a brand or product from an OOH ad they saw as far back as six months.

When it comes to your ROI, the figures from fleet graphics are great too, costing as little as $0.15 per thousand impressions along with providing a higher rate of return than other forms of advertising, reports 3M.

Drives Action

The study also found that 80% of the people they surveyed had purchased a product or service after seeing an OOH advertisement. This is what makes fleet graphics unique. People who view them are already on the move making it easier to turn eyeballs into actions.

Think about it this way, a person on a long, tiring drive who sees a Red Bull fleet graphic is more likely to be tempted to purchase a can or two at their next pit stop than someone who is sitting at home scrolling on their phone as the Netflix and chill.

High Quality Results Require High Quality Graphics

Investing in high-quality, premium fleet wraps from Vinyl Labs showcase your brand in its best light and offer cost-saving in the long run offering protection from damage, UV rays, scratches, and peeling.

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