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If you want to upgrade the look of your car in Toronto, you’re at the right place.

Of course, there’s no lack of car wrap services in any Canadian city. But if you are looking for a team that ensures high-quality car wrapping with excellent customer service, that’s us!

Because trust us- not every company out there uses professional-grade car wraps. This is usually the case when the company offers car wrapping as a side service. And what happens when you use poor-quality vehicle wraps? Of course, they don’t last long and may even ruin the original paint of the entire vehicle.

But Vinyl Labs is different! Even though car wrapping is one of the many services we offer, we ensure top-notch quality by using premium wraps installed by a team of 3M Certified technicians.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to know more about us…

Why Go For A Vinyl Car Wrap In Toronto?

All of us know how crowded the Greater Toronto area is, and your car is most likely to get lost among the rest. Now, we love our cars and so do you. Naturally, you’d want your car to look unique and make heads turn!

That’s when vinyl wraps enter the scene. Car wrap services are not only faster and cheaper than getting your car painted, but also ensure paint protection. The latter is usually why most people with high-end, luxury cars opt for a full-colour change with a vehicle wrap.

For instance, in Canada, the majority of customers at car wrap centres are Tesla owners or collectors of vintage cars. However, the need for a paint protection film is not just limited to these exclusive groups of car owners.

Even business owners are using this custom vehicle wrapping to their advantage by turning their cars or trucks into a mobile mode of advertisement. And hence, we offer commercial car wrapping services too, complete with logos and stickers.

Since we use materials like 3M vinyl wrap and carbon fibre, rest assured that the beauty of your car will remain intact for years to come. Plus, with so many colours and designs to choose from, we bet we’ve got a vinyl wrap to suit every preference and requirement.

Why Choose Vinyl Labs?

Vinyl Labs is the brainchild of the Westlund Group of companies (Fluid, Sky Helicopters, Ape Wireless, and more), and we are a bunch of automobile enthusiasts. Be it discussing the technicalities or raving about our favourite car models- we do it all! We admit that we don’t accept every vinyl wrap project out there, but that’s just because we want to ensure that the handful of clients we do accept get our full attention and great service.

We understand if you are still skeptical about our work, especially if this is the first time you’re considering a vinyl wrap over a regular paint job. Hence, we are always happy to have you visit our Toronto branch and get a closer look at our work.

Our motto is providing 100% satisfaction to our customers, and luckily, we’ve managed to do so till now. Since we want to maintain our performance, we have handpicked only trained, certified technicians to join our team. Not to forget, we offer our services at the most reasonable rates all over Canada.

After all, we are leaders, not followers! Thus, we combine our hard work with cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with the best car wraps, partial wraps, colour changes, and more.

Our Services

  1. Print Wrapping
    Whether you want to go for a minimal matte black colour or want to create a statement with racing stripes, we’ve got custom solutions for everyone. You can even mix and match different types of material like partial wraps and stylish decal kits to create something out of the box.

    Your vehicle is a canvas with limitless options that we can’t wait to explore!

  2. Commercial Car Wrapping
    Our commercial car wrap service will transform your vehicle into a billboard. Whether it’s an airplane, trailer, or van- no job is too challenging for us. You can even choose the size and type of custom fleet wrap for your ride.

    Stick on your logos, graphics, or any message, and watch your business rule the market!

  3. Paint Protection Film (PPF)
    Our PPF will ensure that your vehicles are safe from dust and damage. It maximizes the durability of your vehicle without compromising on style. Also, we offer a 10-year warranty on our PPF packages, so you know we’ve got you covered… literally!
  4. Window Tinting
    With our new and improved window film wraps, your windows will become more secure and safe while adding oodles of style to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Wrap

Q. How Much Does A Vehicle Wrap Cost In Toronto?
A full wrap may cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $3,500. However, the cost may vary drastically depending on the size of your vehicle, your choice of wrap material, and more. Rest assured that we will consider your budget while setting a quote.
Q. Are Vehicle Wraps Legal In Canada?
Yes, even a full wrap on any vehicle is legal in Canada. However, if you get a car wrapped in chrome, you might end up with a ticket for stealing the spotlight!

Contact Vinyl Labs Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in your car, truck, or SUV and head over to our branch in Toronto. We assure you that our car wrap and other custom solutions will provide the best of both worlds- a fresh look to your car and protection from external factors. After opting for our car wrap service, no amount of dust and grime can stand against your beloved vehicle!

To book an appointment or get more details about vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, window tinting, etc., check out our contact page. Alternatively, you can click on the tab of each service to get a free quote.












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Vinyl Labs is a leader, not a follower. We are passionate about offering you innovative products to personalize your vehicle. From product to design, our professional team is on the leading edge of all things vinyl. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colours that offer a unique, head-turning look.