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If you’re looking for the best car wrap services in Winnipeg, you’ve come to the right place.

We, at Vinyl Labs, have you covered — and that too, in style. And while our creative professionals give your car a stunning makeover with spectacular vehicle graphics, our team of certified technicians ensures a flawless finish every time.

That said, car wrapping is a job that requires an expert eye and meticulous pre-planning — any errors can cost you in the long run. Fortunately, our experienced experts are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of car wrapping and have a long record of getting the job done right the first time. And just to sweeten the deal, we offer the best rates not just in Winnipeg but in all of Canada.

Why Go for a Vinyl Car Wrap in Winnipeg?

Car wraps are all the rage on the road today, and for a good reason — they bring character to any old automobile and can quickly spread a message. Indeed, cars are no more just vehicles that take you to places.

For some, a car may even be their most prized possession and a reflection of themselves. That said, our vehicle wraps provide an easy way to add a little of your personality and a lot of pizzazz to your car.

What’s more, a vinyl wrap is a cost-effective marketing tool to bring in new clients while you are cruising through the highway or even stuck in traffic. After all, there are about 700,000 motorized vehicles on the roads of Manitoba. This inadvertently provides the perfect platform to advertise your business on the go.

But of course, considering how all eyes are on the road, you need an exceptionally eye-catching design to capture your audience. And that’s where we come in. So, whether you are looking for a professionally done car wrap that doubles up as a mobile billboard or a unique design to call your own, Vinyl Labs is your one-stop solution.

Once you settle on a design concept, our team will create the car of your dreams with sturdy 3M vinyl that provides added protection to the car surface. At the same time, these high-quality vinyl wraps are a great way to cover up paint scratches and unsightly dents at a fraction of what you would spend on an entire paint job.

And that’s not all; our car wraps are 100% removable so that you can customize leased cars without leaving a trace. In fact, our in-house design team offers a plethora of style and colour options, which often tempt our customers to keep coming back for quick and updated makeovers. Rest assured, we finish the job every time without peeling any paint or compromising on the car’s original look.

Why Choose Vinyl Labs Vehicle Wraps?

Established in 2019 under the Westlund Group, Vinyl Labs provides vinyl solutions for various business purposes, specializing in industry-leading vinyl car wraps. Our company also offers other services, including paint protection film installation, vinyl interior designs, signage, custom fleet, and window graphics.

Nevertheless, our commitment to excellence is our brand promise and a significant aspect of every project we undertake. That said, our team of experts is ready for any job you entrust us with and any challenge that comes along the way. From design concepts to installation — rest assured, we are fully equipped to deal with all your vehicle wrap needs.

And in keeping with our mission to provide accessible and quality services to everyone in Canada, our car wraps come at the most affordable price points in all of Winnipeg. At the same time, our young and rapidly-growing company remains a pioneer in innovative concepts, offering a variety of design ideas to help your business attract the right audience.

Our Services

  1. Unique Colours And Finishes
    Any vehicle enthusiast knows that paint jobs can be expensive — and so do we. Fortunately, our vinyl solutions offer a much more inexpensive solution to change up the colour of your car and complete the project with luxurious finishing touches.

    That said, you can choose between chrome or metallic finishes to make a bold statement. Or perhaps, you want to remain subtle with smooth satin, gloss, or matte finishes. Nevertheless, considering how we offer a palette of 100 colours to choose from, the result is bound to be original.

  2. Custom Concepts
    Whether looking for inspiration to create a striking design for a commercial business or to revamp your car, you will be spoiled for choice. Indeed, you can now cover your vehicle in fully customized prints featuring photos, fonts, graphics, and much more.
  3. Accents And Layering
    Car wrapping is an art — and Vinyl Labs understands this. So don’t hesitate to consult our in-house creative design team and discover new ways to redefine your car’s exteriors. For instance, our experts may suggest adding attractive patterns, such as stripes, or layering colours or finishes for a unique look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Wrap Winnipeg

Q. Are Vinyl Car Wraps Cheaper Than Paint Jobs?
Most customized vinyl car wraps may cost as much as a high-quality complete paint job — assuming that the paint job involves a single colour and no embellishments. That said, you pay a significantly higher price for extra features, such as customized graphics and a matte finish, for the same result when opting for a paint job.
Q. Will The Car Wrap Ruin The Original Paint Job?
Our car wraps will not damage your car’s original paint if you require it to be removed for any reason.
Q. How Long Will My Car Wrap Last?
At Vinyl Labs, we only use 3M vinyl wraps, which have an expected performance life of seven to ten years if maintained properly.

Contact Vinyl Labs Now!

A commercial truck or a private sedan — our trained professionals at Vinyl Labs will fine-tune any vehicle to your needs and style. So, without further ado, head to our official website, pick the design you want, and get a free quote today.

For other queries, you can leave us a message on our in-site chat feature. Rest assured, we will get back to you promptly, so you can wrap it up and get the show on the road in no time.












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