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Car Wraps

Anyone who is passionate about cars would want their ride to look the best in town!

Besides, vehicle wraps also make a convenient mode of advertising for your brand, regardless of the type of wrap you opt for. Just think about it- you’ll be investing a few dollars on a car wrap and reaping the benefits of your “mobile billboard” in the form of high returns. Even if your vehicle stays still in a parking lot, several people will catch a glimpse of the car wrap and know about your brand.

If that doesn’t sound like the best business strategy, we don’t know what will! However, we insist you read further or give us a visit to our branch in Surrey, BC. We’d love to have some company while our in-house design team and technicians produce high-quality vehicle wraps and more for you.

Also, if getting a car wrap does not sound too appealing, you can take a look at other products like paint protection film (PPF), large format signage, premium wall coverings, and more.

Why Go For A Vinyl Car Wrapping Surrey?

Now, many car owners think that the best way to give your car a makeover would be a paint job. Of course, it is an effective and attractive route, but sometimes, it can cost a bomb without much value. If you end up using poor-quality paint, it can easily chip off and make your vehicle look worse than it did before the painting service.

On the other hand, the primary advantage of vinyl wraps is twofold. First, if installed properly by an expert team, the print looks more precise and vibrant than regular paint. Second, the vinyl layer protects the original colour of the vehicle.

Moreover, full wrap service is much faster and cheaper than painting your entire car. No wonder luxury car owners usually opt for a car wrap over a paint job.

In fact, if you consider the customers in Canada, most of them are Tesla owners or those who collect premium, vintage models. But, of course, any type of car requires paint protection at some point in time.

Thus, our team offers car wraps to suit every budget. Whether you use vehicles for personal or commercial purposes, we’ve got affordable solutions for every customer. So, head over to the “Contact” page and get your free quote now!

Why Choose Vinyl Labs?

The Westlund Group of companies started Vinyl Labs to provide high-quality service and professionalism to car enthusiasts, business owners, and more. Although there’s nothing that we love more than gushing about our favourite cars out there, we know when it’s time for business!

Our professionalism and expertise have made people from all over British Columbia head over to our branch in Surrey.

To maintain our quality, we do not bite off more than we can chew, so we don’t promise to accept every other customer out there. But we can promise amazing service, thanks to our 3M certified technicians and in-house design team. Every member works in synergy to understand your needs, develop a concept, and execute it with finesse.

With the aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we have handpicked the cream of the crop, and continue to train them to stay in touch with the latest trends and technological advancements. Our team has been in the industry long enough to get your job done on the first go itself. Yet, we offer our services at the most affordable rates all over Surrey, BC.

Believe us when we say this- we at Vinyl Labs treat your car like it’s our own, thus, offering the best quality and service in town. So, whether you opt for vehicle wrapping, colour change, decal installation, etc., we deliver fast, accurate, and affordable results.

Our Services

We don’t believe in making lofty claims with no action. Thus, here’s a quick rundown of some of our popular services in Surrey, BC. We are sure you’ll find something for your car, too!

  1. Vehicle Wraps
    TKickstarting with our most in-demand service, Vinyl Labs specializes in car wraps. Our range of car wraps is suitable for a full and partial wrap, subtle accents, colour changes, and more. Since we don’t outsource designers and installers, rest assured that your vehicle will get an all-round treatment from our team.When it comes to print wraps, our personalized approach will completely transform your ride into a work of art! With tons of patterns and pictures to choose from, your car is sure to create a statement all over Surrey, or wherever you take your vehicle.


    Or, if you like something minimal, try out some racing stripes on one side or partial car wraps. You can even share your ideas with the design team to create a custom look.

    Additionally, you can choose from more than 100 colours and finishes like matte, chrome, gloss, and more.

  1. Fleet Graphics
    If you want to step up your advertisement strategy, try our fleet graphics service. From a customized film selection to professional-grade materials, our team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring 24×7 promotion for your brand. 

    And if full and partial car wraps are not your cup of tea, you can even try some minimal and affordable decal kits. Or have the decals placed in such a way that it looks like a full car wrap. Don’t worry; it’ll be our little secret!

  2. Paint Protection Film (PPF)
    Our PPF service can protect your vehicles from dents, scratches, stains, and more. It offers optimum durability with the self-healing membrane backed by a 10-year warranty. 

    Note that our range of PPF provides crystal clear clarity, zero orange peel, and superior edge seal. Choose from our gold, silver, and bronze package, and hit the road with peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wrapping Surrey

Q. Are Car Wraps Legal In Surrey?
Vehicle wrapping is legal all over Canada, so even a fully wrapped car won’t cause any legal issues. However, we cannot be sure about a full chrome wrap as that would distract other vehicles on the road.
Q. How Long Does A Car Wrap Last?
Car wraps usually last for about 5-7 years, depending on the quality of the wrap and the installer’s skill. However, most of our materials are of premium quality and may last for up to 10 years.

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To book one of our services, simply drop your contact details and request a free quote. For more information and testimonies, you can also check out our Instagram page!












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