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Car wraps can take the style factor of your vehicle up a notch — especially if you own the sleek and latest Tesla vehicles. After all, nothing says sophisticated and trendy like these youthful and technologically-advanced electric cars.

Indeed, Tesla has remained one of the biggest names in the industry since its inception in 2003, owing to its signature look and performance. And just like the engineers of the American automobile giant, who had the vision to create modern and innovative designs, we at Vinyl Labs aspire to provide state-of-the-art car wraps.

That said, our team is equipped with the right skills, attitude, and equipment to enhance your Tesla luxury cars with custom wraps that are truly one-of-a-kind. And that’s not all; we offer our services at the most affordable prices in all of Canada without compromising quality.

Why Choose A Car Wrap For Your Tesla?

It is no secret that Tesla models are loved and in demand because of their high performance and engineering. At the same time, some Tesla owners are less than thrilled about the lack of colour options offered with any Tesla model.

For instance, interested buyers could purchase the Tesla Model S in just five primary colours — red, blue, gray, black, and white. In fact, you would have to pay an additional $3000 or so for any colour other than white. Later, to offer a more exciting exterior, the car company launched the Tesla Model X in a bright yellow shade.

But of course, considering how other luxury cars have been available in exceedingly creative designs for a long time, Tesla was left behind. At the same time, it is hard to deny that the superior dynamics of Tesla models make them worth purchasing.

That said, a high-quality Tesla car wrap provides the perfect solution, in which you can enjoy the innovative features of this futuristic car without compromising on the look. And whether you drive Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Model X, our skilled team of technicians will ensure that the job is done with accuracy and care.

Indeed, we at Vinyl Labs pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time, so go ahead and book your appointment today.

Why Choose Us For A Tesla Wrap?

Vinyl Labs is a leading car wrap company based in Langley, BC, Canada. Established in 2019, we are a young company of experienced and creative designers and technicians who share a passion for revamping cars.

We specialize in all types of vinyl car wraps and a range of other automobile design-related services, but we are especially concerned with updating the exteriors of Tesla cars. Considering how expensive these luxury cars can be, Tesla car owners don’t have to break the bank redoing the paint and design.

That said, we offer our car wrapping services at affordable prices and promise a professional finish with each job. So feel free to contact us for a colour change wrap to give your entire vehicle an instant paint job. Or perhaps, you may want to take help from our in-house creative design team and add patterns and accents to make your vehicle stand out in the crowd.

Not to mention how a few of our clients come to us to provide paint protection to their Tesla vehicles or hide imperfections and scratches. That said, Tesla cars are known to have soft and thin layers of paint to meet the environmental regulations of California. Fortunately, our 3M-certified technicians only use sturdy 3M vinyl covers for Tesla vehicles, thus providing extra protection to the exteriors.

What’s more, vinyl covers come off any time and don’t damage the paint job underneath. So, rest assured, your vehicles are in safe hands with us.

Our Services

  1. Vinyl Wrap For All Kinds Of Cars
    We offer vinyl vehicle wraps that provide instant colour changes with a professional finish comparable to a high-quality paint job. What’s more, you get all of this at a fraction of what you would pay for an entire paint job.

    On top of that, our clients have diverse customization choices and can pick between ostentatious and flashy chrome and metallic looks. Or perhaps, you may want a more classic and subdued matte or satin finish. And if you are still in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult our in-house team of creative designers for unique and personalized ideas.

    Regardless of your choice, our trained experts will ensure that the vehicle comes out looking like the car of your dreams once they finish the job.

  2. Tesla Car Wraps And Chrome Delete
    While we offer car wrapping services for most cars, our experts are well-trained to work with Tesla automobiles. That said, you can contact us to replace the dated colour schemes of any Tesla model and add your personalized spin to the exteriors.

    Alternatively, if you want to dechrome the trims on your Tesla Model X, we have got you covered with our chrome delete services. Indeed, our skilled technicians are not only experts in vehicle wraps, but they can swap the tacky chrome trims with sleek and stylish replacements. For instance, you can pick between a smooth matte or gloss finish for your new satin black trims.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vinyl Wraps

1. How Long Do Tesla Wraps Last?
At Vinyl Labs, we only use sturdy vinyl car wraps to provide extra protection to your Tesla car. That said, you can expect the vinyl wrap to last about eight years when maintained properly.
2. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tesla Wrapped?
The costs of a Tesla car wrap depend on various factors, such as design, material, the area that needs to be covered, and so on. That said, you may have to spend anywhere between $2500 – $3500 for a full Tesla colour wrap. Don’t forget to head to our website and ask for a free quote for the best prices.

Contact Vinyl Labs Now!

Tesla cars are expensive, chic, and extravagant. Yet, the original designs say otherwise. Fortunately, our team of inspired and skilled experts can help fine-tune your vehicle so you can show it off for the luxury car that it truly is.

So, without further ado, visit our website and pick your favourite designs from our exciting and diverse catalogue for a free quote. And if you like what you see and are satisfied with our price points, book an appointment with us today!

For further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us via our in-site chat feature. Rest assured, someone from our team will be with you shortly to answer all your questions.












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