The Benefits of Window Films for Offices

For companies that cater to the general public, street-level windows are the ultimate enticement for onlookers. It’s an easy way to showcase your business and let the world know your doors are open. 

The appearance of the glass also affects the mindset of the people inside the building. 

If the glass in your building is more of a distraction than a positive feature, Vinyl Labs has an easy fix. Professionally applied window films offer benefits that customers and staff will love.


Here are 4 ways window films can enhance the day-to-day operation of your office.  

The Benefits of Window Films for Offices<br />

Cost-Effective Interior Design   

Vinyl window films can be as subtle or as noticeable as you want. 

Businesses looking to stand out can have their branding front and centre on every pane of glass if they wish. Window film can also create a more subdued effect by creating a recurring visual theme throughout the entire area (circular shapes, wavey lines, etc.). 

Experienced professional window film installers like the team at Vinyl Labs can transform the feel of your space with little disruption to the business day.


Frosted Windows Add the Privacy You Need

Studies have shown that workplaces with lots of natural outdoor light contribute to a more productive work environment. However, the look of your office needs to align with the expectations of your customers and staff. Vinyl Labs installs frosted films in various styles that add privacy without diminishing your space’s bright, open feel. 

When properly applied, the resulting texture appears etched into the glass. If you feel your company’s conference room, HR department, or associates’ offices are too “naked,” Vinyl Labs provides an attractive, low-cost solution that blends seamlessly with any décor.


Vinyl Adds Protection Against Breakage 

Vandalism and theft can affect businesses anywhere. Even with alarm systems, large windows can be a tempting target and a point of entry for the criminal element. But glass with a security window film will withstand an attack far better than glass without it. Vinyl is thin but strong. 

Window films serve as a deterrent to thieves who understand that every second they spend trying to break in jeopardizes their chances of getting away. 

Not only does vinyl film prevent the glass from breaking as easily, but it prevents the shards from flying out. This added protective layer is a good safety precaution during severe weather events.


Getting Rid of the Glare

What’s the point of having beautiful windows if you’re forced to cover them up with blinds most of the day? Sunny days are wonderful, but they make it difficult to work with a computer screen. A carefully chosen tinted solar film will cut down on sunlight’s interference with your work.

The added bonus of using solar window films is that they also reduce the effect of harmful UV rays. Window films help control indoor temperatures and prevent sunlight from damaging your property over time. They also serve as extra protection for your skin.


Maximize Your Glass Potential

People tend to think about windows and glass doors with limited imagination. A conversation with Vinyl Labs in Langley, BC, will open your eyes to the visual possibilities and practical benefits window films provide.

Contact Vinyl Labs to learn more about installing a customized solution for your business needs. Our team assists companies in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, and all across the Lower Mainland.