Vinyl Labs has put the stamp on another fiscal year, and is looking forward to what this next 12 months has to offer! As we begin this new chapter in our young business, we wanted to reflect on where we came from and what got us to where we are. Here’s a glimpse into the past 12 months at VL.

Quality and Trustworthy Vinyl Supplier


We created a name for ourselves. No longer the new kid on the block, we worked hard to earn a reputation in our industry as a quality and trustworthy vinyl supplier. We revamped our approach to sales and account management and developed a fresh approach to what a vinyl shop can do. We created a new standard for our clients by delivering creative solutions to real problems, and helped communicate their brand image to drive demand. In an industry often criticized for its tendency to cut corners and underdeliver, we delivered on our focus to serve our clients with creativity, reliability, simplicity, and affordability. Below is a brief overview of some of our more notable accomplishments in 2019:

The Team


We would be nowhere without the amazing group of people that make up Vinyl Labs. This past year we grew from a team of 7, to a team of 10 talented individuals across sales, design, production, and installation.

We moved into our new location, a shared workspace owned and operated by our Group of Companies – The Westlund Group. This building is located on 200th and 80th street in Langley, BC, and hosts over 35,000 sq ft across 80 offices. This new location gives our business added exposure and allows us to work and collaborate with like-minded businesses within our workspace.


The Westlund Building, located at 200th and 80th Street in Langley.

Our New Shop


We designed and built a brand new shop located in the underground parkade of this building. The first of its kind in Canada, the new shop delivers an experiential process for clients and sets a precedent for what is possible in the vinyl industry. With stunning white walls and ceilings, gloss epoxy floors, and surround LED light panels, we converted our new space into a professional studio, making it an ideal environment for producing the highest quality.



“LAB 02” – New Vinyl Labs Shop

Partnerships with Large Brands


We had the opportunity to partner with some of the largest brands in the world, with the responsibility of managing the Red Bull fleet across Canada. As the national vendor for Red Bull, our team had to be at the top of their game when it came to logistics, design, quality, and speed. Below are a few of our reputable clients:



Masters of Marketing


Our team designed and installed vinyl all across North America. We worked in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Bel Air, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and all across BC. We learned how to capture the essence of a brand and present its image in a way that drives sales, attracts talent, and builds market share. In fact, our work with SKY Helicopters was featured on the cover of Vertical Magazine with the caption “Brand Masters.” The article itself was titled “Masters of Marketing.” Although we wrapped their helicopter in 2017, we are still recognized nationally for this achievement and have gone on to achieve similar results for other brands.


Vertical Magazine; cover page.


Vertical Magazine; article cover.

Full-Service Shop


Vinyl Labs is a full-service shop that offers in-house design, print, and installation. Over the year we designed, produced, and installed over 1,200 vehicles. We work with so many businesses because of our ability to deliver key results for any measurable. From brand image, to culture and recruitment, to fleet regulations, we were able to produce visual content for a variety of purposes. We also have the knowledge and experience to manage any project and handle logistical challenges, which allows us to service international accounts and fleets of any size.



Red Bull Canada.


This past year, Vinyl Labs diversified and launched 5 unique services, each with the purpose of growing the businesses we work with through all things vinyl.

Vehicle Wraps


Avery SW900 Rushing Riptide.


This has always been the staple of our business. It defines us as a brand and it’s what got us to where we are today. 2019 came with a new set of challenges in the wrap industry, but we maintained our drive to be a leader. We have disrupted the industry by offering the quality of products and installation we expect for our own vehicles. Our shop is certified as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of vinyl wrapping. We are passionate about delivering products that are designed for impact, and installed to last.

Fleet Graphics


Centurion Trucking.


We know what makes a brand. Our clients work with us to showcase their brand in a unique and impactful way, through a variety of wraps and decals that can fit into any budget. We learned to approach other brands as if they were our own, and to develop advertising strategies that make sense for their business. We have been true to our promise to deliver products that are creative, reliable, affordable, and simple.

Architectural Vinyl


3M Di-Noc.


As a leader in our industry, we jumped at the chance to explore interior design. Advanced products and unique material, provide stunning visual effects for any space. Vinyl products offer the flexibility to get creative without getting complicated, and allows our clients to reimagine their surroundings without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of architectural products, such as 3M Di-Noc, wall wraps, window frost, solar films, safety and security films, and more.

Paint Protection Film


Porsche GT2RS.


Paint Protection Film (PPF) is gaining interest in the Lower Mainland, and will soon be a staple of every dealership and automotive shop. Originally designed to protect military helicopters, we have developed various PPF packages to protect vehicles from rock chips, scratches, weather, and other road debris. As a firm believer in being on the cutting edge of all things vinyl, premium PPF offers incredible advancement in the paint protection industry through self-healing technology and a 10-year warranty.



Rain City Corp.





Vinyl Labs produces signage for all businesses. From advertising visuals to operational needs, we offer a wide variety of signage. We proved that the industrial sector of vinyl can still be creative, modern, and innovative. We understand the needs of a modern business, and relate to our clients through our practice and experience. Different applications include: new developments, hoarding projects, storefronts, 3D signage, traffic signage, safety signage, way-finding signage, fence banners, and more!

2019 was a year of growth for Vinyl Labs, increasing our clientele and demonstrating our ability to diversify into new markets. We proved that a wrap shop can produce amazing work across industries while putting the needs of our clients first. We are grateful for our success and we want to thank our staff, partners, vendors, and clients who have helped shape who we have become and drive us to where we are going.

Looking forward to what 2020 has to offer!

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